Frost Letter Jacket Policy


Students at Frost High School may letter and receive jackets through their participation in extracurricular activities. By UIL guidelines the district can purchase one jacket for a student during the student's high school enrollment. The guidelines for earning a jacket, bars on a jacket, patches, and participation given below apply to all activities listed. 

TO EARN A JACKET: A jacket is earned after lettering. The lettering requirements for each sport or activity are listed below. A student must be in grades 9-12 in order to earn a jacket. Jackets will be ordered once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester. 

COMPLETION OF THE SEASON REQUIRED FOR LETTERING: Any student failing to complete a season due to his/her choice or due to disciplinary actions will not letter in that sport for that year. In non-athletic UIL activities, the director/sponsor will determine guidelines for successful completion of the activity and inform the students about the guidelines. 

TO EARN BARS ON THE JACKET: One bar on the letter is earned for each year lettered. 

TO EARN A PATCH: The district can provide a student one patch per sport per year not to exceed the value adopted by the UIL (currently $8.00). Cost for patches beyond the UIL limit is the responsibility of the student. Also, UIL rules prohibit the awarding of a patch in a sport during the same year that a jacket is awarded in that sport. Patches will be ordered only for the highest level of competition achieved. 



TO LETTER: Students may letter in academics and earn a letter jacket if they have a cumulative GPA >= 95 after five semesters and the student has not previously been awarded a letter jacket. Students who have previously earned a letter jacket may earn a patch for the letter jacket if they have a cumulative GPA >=95 after five semesters. Students with cumulative GPA's >=95 after six semesters, seven semesters, or the end of the fifth sixth weeks of a student's senior year may also earn a jacket and/or patch not to exceed one patch per year and one jacket during the four years of high school. 



TO LETTER: Students must play in 50% or more of all the games on the varsity level in order to letter. 



TO LETTER: A student must compete in at least 50% of varsity competitions for the season and finish the season on the varsity squad. 



TO LETTER: In order to earn an FFA traditional jacket or school letter jacket, the student must: 

1. Be a member in good standing in the FFA each year in high school. 

2. Participate in leadership contest one year. 

3. Participate in judging contest one year. 

4. Attend the district, area, or state FFA convention. 

5. Participate in the Navarro County Youth Exposition. 



TO LETTER: A student can letter in any of the following three ways: 

1. Placing 1st (within his or her weight class) at any invitational meet. 

2. Qualifying for the Regional Meet or State Meet (being within the top 10 lifters in his or her weight class or the top 2 in the region and qualifying for the state meet). 

3. Completing the season in the power-lifting program for two consecutive years. 



TO LETTER: A student must compete in 75% of all track meets and satisfy one of the following: 

1. Score ten points during the course of the year. 

2. Score at the District Track Meet. 

3. Complete the season on the varsity team for two years. 



TO LETTER: A student can letter in any of three ways: 

1. Place in the top three in your division at the district level of competition (not through default). 

2. Completion of the season for two years. 

3. Participation at the Regional or State Meet (not through default). 



TO LETTER: A student can earn a letter in any one of four ways: 

1. *Be named honorable mention all star cast, all-star cast, or best actor/actress at the district level of competition. 

2. Score at the district literary meet. 

3. Completion of the activity for two years. 

4. Participation at the Regional or State Meet (not through default). 



TO LETTER: In order to earn a Yearbook Photographer letter jacket, the student must: 

  1. Be classified as a junior in high school. 
  2. Have earned two semester credits in Annual or Journalism with an average of 80 or higher. 
  3. Be an active participant on the yearbook staff for two years. 
  4. Provide high quality photos for the yearbook for two years. 



A student may letter in May after the student has completed his/her first year of participation in good standing.