FAFSA for federal grants, loans, and work study –available after January 1.  Apply for pin now online only at



CAP: Several Navarro County Scholarships are maintained by the Navarro County CAP organization and are only available to students who attend an appointment at the Navarro County CAP office in Corsicana before December 2017 and fulfill all ACAP requirements before their March  2018 deadline. Call 903-872-0180 for an appointment or visit website at  Scholarships under the CAP program require the FAFSA/SAR and usually require SAT of 1500+/ACT 21+.

Navarro County Go Texan Scholarship- $1,000 scholarships- at least one to each of the 7 Navarro County high schools.  Based upon accomplishments as a member of FFA for at least 3 years, academics, leadership, community service, and financial need. You must also apply to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Scholarship and provide a copy of that application.  Apps available at or in the Counselor’s Office. Application Deadline: February 16, 2018.

JUNIOR LIDE SCHOLARSHIP- This scholarship will cover tuition, fees, text books, supplies and enrollment expenses not paid by other financial resources. The Junior Lide Scholarship is a one semester scholarship, which can be renewed up to eight consecutive semesters. The grants will be reviewed each semester to verify that the recipient has fulfilled the requirements of the scholarship. Apps are available in the Counselor's office. Any questions can be directed to Janet Coble- or (903) 641-4526.

Linda "Mox"  Moxley Indian Trials Master Naturalist Scholarship-  This scholarship is to assist a graduate of any Ellis and Navarro County ISD High School with College expenses. The student must enroll in an accredited college/university and pursuing a degree in natural sciences.  Scholarships are available in the Counselor’s office.  

2017 Aviation and Engineering Scholarship Application- This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students in Region 12 pursuing a degree in aviation/aerospace or a a related engineering program from Texas State Technical College- Waco. Baylor University or McLennan Community College. The minimum amount per scholarship will be $1,000.    

Society of Petroleum Engineers- The East Texas Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors who plan on majoring in petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering or chemical engineers at an accredited four year university. Freshmen receive $500 per semester, upper classmen receive $1,000 per semester for a total of $7,000 given over 4 years.

The Rutherford Stough Memorial Scholarship (Navarro County Farm Bureau)- Application for one year $500 scholarship to Navarro College. Family must be Farm Bureau members and applicant must be pursuing an AG related major.  Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office.

The L.A. Phillips Memorial Scholarship- This scholarship is a cooperative effort between the Navarro County Farm Bureau and the family of L.A. Phillips, where the class ranking and grades will not be the primary criteria for qualification. Recipient must come from an Agriculture Background (Farming, Ranching, or Agra-Business) or exhibits a strong desire to enter Agra-Related work after finishing their Education. Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office.

Navarro County Farm Bureau Commercial Heifer Scholarship Application- Candidates will be interviewed as part of the selection process. This interview will be scheduled by Navarro Count Farm Bureau selection committee. Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office.

Rotary Club of Navarro County Larry Weaver Scholarship and Donald Lawrence Scholarship- These scholarships will each offer a $500 scholarship to an outstanding student in Navarro County. The scholarship is open to all graduating seniors in Navarro County and no preference is given to whether the student will be pursuing an academic or technical degree nor is there a preference for the College the student plans to attend. In keeping with the service mission of Rotary International, the criterion for these scholarships is focused on service.

Navarro County Farm Bureau Youth Scholarship- One $1,000 scholarship per school district in Navarro County will be awarded. Scholarships will be awarded $500 per semester for two semesters. Applicant must be a current member of the Navarro County Farm Bureau . Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office.

Texas A&M University Applications for Navarro County A&M Club- Applications are available in the Counselor’s office.

Blanche G. Terry Scholarship- The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance for attendance at Texas post-secondary institutions to needy and deserving young men. Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office.

Hull Family Creative Arts Scholarship- This scholarship is to reward a university scholarship to qualified Navarro County High Schools student(s) who has demonstrated their passion for the creative arts over the course of their school years leading up to their graduation from High School. Creative Arts can be in any form that has to do with the creative arts process such as theater, music, art, voice and more and will be determined by the Selection Committee.

Vietnam Veterans of America- Vietnam Veterans Chapter 1009 will award a scholarship of $1500 and $500 to two persons who meets the requirements. Applications are available in the counselor’s office.

Navarro County Electric Cooperative- Available for Navarro County students whose family is a member of the Navarro County Electric Cooperative. Applications are available online at or in the Counselor’s office

Barney M. & Hester Kent Scholarship- Any current year graduate of Kerns High School and/or Navarro County, Texas high school who has been accepted to attend an accredited junior community college or university. It is recommended but not required that an applicant participate in the Navarro County College Achievement Program (CAP). The applicant must also demonstrate to the Trustee good character and academic skill adequate for continuing his/her education.  Applications are available in the Counselor’s office.               

Cy & Jimmye Henson Memorial Scholarship: Any current year graduate of Navarro County who has been accepted to attend an accredited junior community college or university.Applications are available in the Counselor’s office.

Frost Beta Club Scholarship: The local Beta Club Scholarship is a one time award of $250.00 payable when the student enrolls in a junior college, vocational college, or university. It will be awarded to a senior member chosen by the other members of the club. Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office.



Young Farmer & Rancher Scholarship Program- Each TFB District in which entries are received, will award a $1,000 scholarship. Applicant must intend to pursue a career in agriculture and must be a member of a Farm Bureau Family.

Dick Mitchell Memorial Scholarship- One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded. Applicant must be a member of a Farm Bureau family. Applicant must have attended the Texas Farm Bureau Youth Leadership Conference. Applications are available online @ or in the Counselor’s office.



Navarro College TRiO Program- support program for students who demonstrate financial need and/or 1st generation college students, and/or learning or physically disabled. TRiO program provides a variety of services including academic planning and transfer guidance, tutoring, FAFSA assistance, and scholarship resources, go to for information. Apply online or with paper copy.

American Honors Program at Navarro College- a transferrable honors program for students wanting to take honors courses at NC and have extra opportunities for special learning experiences and recognition. Honors students have priority with housing, counseling, and registration. Go to for information and to apply.



MOAA (Military Officers Association of America) Heart of Texas Chapter- Preference is given to an applicant who is the dependent of a uniformed service member who died while on active duty. Consideration is also given to applicants who are: (1) military veterans; (2) currently serving in the Active or Reserve components of the military and their immediate family members; and (3) enrolled in or intend to enroll in a program leading to being commissioned as an officer in any branch of the military.

Heart of Texas Counseling Association Scholarship Application. Applicant must be planning a career in an education or mental health-related field. Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office.

Texas Engineering Foundation- The chapters of the Texas Society of Professional engineers in affiliation with Texas Engineering Foundation will award scholarships to students studying to become engineers in an engineering program at an ABET-accredited college or university. Applications are available in the Counselor’s office.

TILF- Texas Interscholastic League Foundation provides scholarships to students who participate in UIL academic and music competitions. Applications will be accepted via the TILF website (

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2017 Area Go Texan Scholarship: The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will award 79 four-year, $20,000 Area Go Texan Scholarships to outstanding students graduating public school districts in counties participating in the Show’s Area Go Texan program.

Lone Star Ag Credits 2017 Scholarship- Applicants must be graduating in the spring of 2017 and submit their application.  Applications are available in the Counselor’s office or online at

The Fisher & Talwar $1000 Legal Inspiration Scholarship is now available to students currently pursuing or plan on pursuing a college degree. To qualify for this scholarship you must be a U.S. citizen, must be a full-time student who is currently attending (or planning to attend full-time) an accredited institution or higher education, must provide proof of current enrollment or plans to enroll in an accredited institution of higher education. If you have not received acceptance, you may sill apply, but be sure to provide proof of acceptance and enrollment for the scholarship to be released, must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Applications are available online at



Angelo State University Carr Scholarships- based upon GAP/SAT(CR+Math only)/ACT. Blue- $1500 per year-SAT980+/ACT21+/GPA3.0+, Gold- $2500 per year- SAT1020+/ACT22+/GPA3.0+, Academic- $3500 per year,- SAT1130+/ACT25+/GPA3.0+, Fellow- $5000 for Honors students with SAT1210+/ACT27+/GPA3.5+, Excellence- $7500 for Honors students with SAT1290+/ACT29+GPA3.5+, Distinguished- for Honors students with SAT1400+/ACT32+/GPA3.5+. Go to for more information and to apply. 


Baylor University- Carr P. Collins Scholarship is available to students who have demonstrated leadership through service. Collins Scholars are awarded a minimum of $5,050 their freshman year, renewable for three additional years. To be considered for the program, applicants must meet all university requirements for unconditional admission; have a minimum combined math and evidence-based reading a writing score of 1310 on the SAT or a minimum of 28 on the ACT; have completed a balanced college preparatory program including history, science, and a foreign language; be in the top quarter of their graduating class; and be a resident of Texas. Application deadline is January 31, 2016. Applications are available at

Dallas Baptist University- many scholarships-some based on SAT R&M only of 1150+/ACT25+, some based on financial need. Go to for more information and deadlines.

Houston Baptist University Merit Awards- based upon SAT(R&M)/ACT and GPA>Legacy Scholarship- $56,000 for 4 years- Top 25%-SAT101/ACT22 or top 30%- SAT1090/ACT24 or top 35%-SAT1170/ACT26. President’s Scholarship- $60,000>top15%-SAT1140/ACT25, top 25%-SAT1220/ACT27, top 25%-SAT1300/ACT29, Founders Scholarship- $64,000-top 5%-SAT1170/ACT26, top 10% SAT1250/ACT28, top 15% SAT1330/ACT30, go to for info.

Howard Payne University-scholarships worth up to $60,000 based on rank & SAT M+R 910+/ACT 19+. Presidential Scholar Award- $62,000 over 4 years for students in top 10% or GPA 3.80+ and SAT(CR+M)1290+/ACT29+, Dean’s Scholar- $58,000 over 4 years for students in top 25% or GPA 3.4+ and SAT(CR+M)1090+/ACT24+, Yellow Jacket Scholar Award- $56,000 over 4 years for students in top 50% or 2.5GPA and SAT (CR+M)910+/ACT19+. Info on additional scholarships and Honors Academy scholarships at

Lamar University- many scholarships, but some based upon SAT R$M only of 1250+/ACT28+, deadline is Dec 15, go to for more info.

Lubbock Christian University- Scholarships of $8,000 for SAT(R+M)680+/ACT18+, $10,000 for SAT940+/ACT20+, $16,000 for SAT1020+/ACT22+, $25,000 for SAT1090/ACT24+, $27,000 for SAT1210+/ACT27+, $31,000 for SAT1280+/ACT29+, $37,000 for SAT1360+/ACT31+, $41,000 for SAT1460+/ACT33+, $47,000 for SAT1560+/ACT35+, go to  for info.

National Beauty College- Ennis- $4,000 scholarship for most high school graduates, go to for info

Oklahoma State University- Out of state Achievement Scholarships- out of state tuition charges are waived if you meet the following criteria (SAT is Read & Math scores only):  $50,000 over 4 years for SAT1330/ACT30+, $44,000 over 4 years for SAT1210-1320/ACT27-29, $39,000 over 4 years for SAT1130-1200/ACT25-26, and $32,000 over 4 years for SAT1090-1120/ACT24.  President’s Distinguished Scholarship- $10,000 for SAT1210/ACT27/GPA3.75.  Go to for more info

Sam Houston State University- Scholarships4Kats- 1 online application for many scholarships based upon SAT/ACT/rank/leadership and talents.  Opens in November and deadline is Feb 1 for most of the scholarships, but some may be due earlier.  Must be admitted to SHSU and be on My Sam, go to for info. Stephen F Austin- scholarship engine for all university based scholarships, must be accepted to the university, then log into my SFA and complete by Feb 1, 2016 deadline, although some scholarships may have an earlier due date.  Examples include: þAcademic Excellence Scholarship- renewable $3,000 for entering freshmen ranked in the top 10% of class or rank in top quarter with a SAT CR+M 1100+/ACT 24+, þUniversity Regents Scholarships- $3,000 renewable scholarships for those graduating in the top 15% of class or have a 1220+SAT/27+ACT and evidence of leadership in extracurricular activities.  Info available  þ10,000 scholarship for science, engineering, and math majors with SAT/ACT math of 600/26+, due by Feb 1.

Texas State University- Info @, no scholarship application needed, information is pulled from Apply Texas admissions application with required scholarship essays.  Must be admitted to the college by Dec 15 and scholarship application submitted by Dec 15.  National Scholarships: National Merit Scholarship, National Achievement Scholarship & National Hispanic Scholarship- renewable, based on high achievement as designated by The National Merit Corporation & College Board. Students must be admitted by May 1st.  RAssured Scholarships: Texas State President’s Honor Scholarship & RTexas State Achievements Scholarship- renewable, based on SAT/ACT scores & class ranks- $32,000 for SAT(R+M)1400+/32+/top 25%, $16,000 fpr SAT(R+M)1200+/ACT27+/top 25%.   ROther competitive Scholarships: Terry Foundation Scholarship, McCoy Scholarship of Excellence, Ingram Scholarship for Engineering & University Scholar Awards- requirements of awards vary, but all are renewable.

TAMU Commerce- Freshman Blue & Gold Scholarship- $4,000 SAT(R+M)1050/ACT23, Academic Excellence- $6,000 SAT1180/ACT25, Presidential-$10,000 SAT1270/ACT28, plus many departmental scholarships, go to for info..

TAMU Scholarship & admissions application deadline for incoming freshmen is Dec 1!  Apply for scholarships with admissions application & essays  Most programs also offer scholarships- visit your major’s webpage for specific info. University of Nebraska at Lincoln- many merit based scholarships based upon class rank & SAT/ACT, apps due as early as Nov. 15, go to for info.

Texas Tech University National Merit Scholarship- up to 100% cost of attendance for National Merit Program Finalists up to $100,000, the rest are based upon SAT(R+M)/ACT/GPA:  $24,000- SAT1400/ACT32/top 10%, $16,000-1300/29/top 10%,  $14,000-1250/28/top 10%, $12,000-1200/27/top 10%, $20,000- 1500/34/top 11-25%, $16,000-1400/32/ top 11-25%, $14,000-1300/29/top 11-25%, $12,000-1200/27/top 11-25%, deadline is Feb 1, apply with and go for more info. 


Texas Woman’s University Scholarships- must be fully admitted to college, then go to TWU’s Scholarship Tracking and Review System (STARS) to apply.  þ Few examples: þ Chancellor’s Endowed for tuition, fees, + stipend, þ Presidential for Val & Sal- tuition & fees, Honors- $5,500, þ New Freshman- up to $3,000- all renewable for up to 4 years, go to for more info.

Tyler Junior College- many performance based and general scholarships available.  Presidential Honors Scholarship- full tuition & fees for 2 years + an extra $1,000 per year for students who live on campus- must be in top 10%, or be ranked among top 10 in your class and passed TSI, or have a 3.5GPA with SATCR+M 1200+/ACT 26+ with minimum of 19 on English & math sub-tests.  Go to for info and to apply by deadline of March 1.

Universal Technical Institute- Offering technical training in auto, diesel, motorcycle, collision repair, NASCAR, and marine.  Scholarship testing competitions- Saturday, Nov 14, 9:00AM at UTI Houston campus, go to for more info.

UT Arlington- þMaverick Leadership Scholarship- award of $8,000 over 4 years, must be admitted to the college by Feb 1, have 1100+SAT/24+ACT & 3.25+ GPA, with demonstrated leadership on resume, go to for info.  þFreshman Scholarship criteria>  President’s Charter- $32,000 over 4 years for SAT(R+M)1300+/ACT29+, and top 10% or 3.5+GPA, Outstanding Freshman- $24,000 for SAT(R+M)1200+/ACT26+/top 10% or 3.2GPA, Freshman Honors- $16,000 for SAT(R+M)1100+/ACT24+/top 20%, Freshman Recognition Scholarship- $8,000 for SAT(R+M)1200/ACT26+/top50%, Top 10% Award- $2,000 per year.  Go to for info.  þMaverick Promise- have a family income of $65,000 or less, qualify for Pell grant, and the Maverick Promise is set up to pay for 60-100% of tuition & fees but contingent upon funding each year, go to and search for Maverick Promise.

UT Austin- complete Apply Texas application including the admission, scholarship and required essay sections of the application by Dec 1.  Page 5 of the app will explain the essays and letters of recommendation that are required.  Go to for info, deadline is Dec 1.  þ College or departmental scholarships require separate applications and criteria vary.  Go to for info/deadlines. þ Texas Advance-new $20,000 scholarship initiative for students with financial need who have automatic admission to the university, priority deadline is Oct 15, actual deadline is Dec 1, FAFSA must be submitted by March 15, go to  for more info.  þ New Presidential Scholars- for academically outstanding students- receive $20,000 scholarship; to apply you must indicate interest in the program when  you complete your Applytexas app and complete the separate scholarship online app, which My Status will deliver starting Sept 15, by October 15 for priority consideration, or by the actual deadline of Dec 1, also based on essay, letters of rec, and submit FAFSA by March 15, 2016.

UT Dallas Academic Excellence Scholarships- based upon achievements, SAT (R&M)+/ACT scores & ranking.  No specific score is set, instead you are compared to the other students who apply; however, here are the average scores for winners> Academic Achievement Scholarship- 1345+/ACT32+, Distinction Scholarship- SAT 1436+/ACT 32+, Honors Scholarship- SAT 1528+/ACT 34+.  Deadline is March 31, go to for info.  þ McDermott Scholars Program- scholarships based upon achievements, SAT (R+M)1450+/ACT33+, top 5%, and demonstrated leadership and community service, deadline is Nov 5 & Jan 5, apply

UT Permian Basin- Presidential Scholarship- $7-10,000 for top 5% with high SAT/ACT, Freshmen Achievement- $5-6,000 for top 10% and high SAT/ACT, Freshman Merit- $3-5,000 for top 25% and high SAT/ACT, Falcon Promise covers all tuition/fees/books/room/board for TX residents with a combined family gross income of $60,000 or less, must file FAFSA, go to for info.

University of North Texas- must be fully admitted to UNT by Feb 1, must be in top 50% of class with SAT 1100+/ACT 24+,  go to info.  Music scholarships- must be admitted to UNT and all College of Music application materials submitted by Dec 1.  Go to for info.



Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Scholarship- full tuition and other financial benefits worth up to $180,000 at a NROTC unit.  These units are located at over 160 of the nation’s leading colleges and universities;  must be US Citizen between ages of 17-23 with SAT Math-520 & CR-530/ACT Math 21, English 22, go to for more info.                                                                                                                                                     

HSC Warranty Scholarship- HSC Warranty has a scholarship is offering a $2,000 scholarship to eligible applicants.  To apply,  please visit Scholarship Deadline is December 1, 2017.                                                                                                                                                

The Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc.- The Horatio Alger Association scholarship programs provide financial assistance to students through the nation who have significant financial need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity. The scholarships are given to deserving students each year and range in award value from $6,000 to $25,000.  Scholarship Deadline is October 25, 2017.  Scholarship applications are available online at

 Young Entrepreneur Foundation Scholarship- for seniors who operate their own small business, go to for info and to apply by Dec 18.

Texas Engineering Foundation- Must be a U.S citizen and a high school senior with a 3.0+ GPA, SAT 600+ math/550+ CR/500+W or ACT 29+ M/25+ English.  Enroll in a ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) & complete app by January 8, 2016, go to for more info and app.

Texas Interscholastic League Foundation (TILF) Scholarship for seniors who participated in the UIL Academic State Meet anytime during high school, based upon high school transcript, SAT/ACT scores, and letters of recommendation, apply from March 1 until May 12, 2017 at

Texas Student Housing scholarship-Offers Texas high school and Texas community college graduates off campus housing scholarships. These scholarships are open to students accepted to or attending college in Austin, College Station, & Denton, TX that have NOT signed off campus housing leases with a TSH facility managed by Asset Campus Housing. The scholarship is worth $2,500, and deadline is Jan 31, 2016, go to for more info and copies of app in Counselor’s Office.

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation- achievement based scholarships for seniors with 3.0+GPA who excel academically, in extracurricular activities, and in service to the community, apply at by November 15th.

Wendy's High School Heisman--senior athletes with at least a B average, participate in at least one sport, and are leaders in school and the community, apps due Oct 2 & are available at  If you do the online app, tell the counselor to go online to review and confirm the application.  The 1st 1,000 applicants get a $10 Wendy’s card.

Wingstop Scholar Athlete- Recognizes seniors with 3.0+ GPA, athletic leadership, and community and school involvement, go to and go to contests tab.

WFAA Channel 8 Dale Hansen’s Buick/GMC Scholar Athlete of the Week Program- based upon scholastic record (must be in top 15% of class), athletic leadership, and community and school involvement.  Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office.  Fill out and return to counselor to submit to the program.  

KWTX (Channel 10, Waco) Classroom Champions- Recognizes seniors with a 3.0 GPA, athletic leadership, and community and school involvement.  Applications available in the Counselor’s Office.

Foot Locker Scholar Athlete- 20 scholarships worth $20,000 being awarded based upon leadership in athletics and academics, apps open Oct 1 and are due around Dec 16, go to for info and to apply.

Terry Foundation Scholarship- full scholarships available for many of the major 4 year universities in Texas and are based upon academic excellence in GPA/rank, SAT/ACT- you must apply through your university’s scholarship programs to apply.  Go to for more info.

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards- $5,000 scholarships + engraved medallion & trip to Washington D.C. awarded to students with outstanding community service. Fill out an online app at or Completed form must be submitted to your principal by Nov 8th  and Principal will submit final app.

Gates Millennium Scholarship- 1,000- $20,000 scholarships for African American, Indian, or Hispanic seniors with 3.3+ GPA, financial need, and demonstrated academic excellence who are planning on majoring in a science, math, or computer area, go to to apply by Jan 14.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund- scholarship opportunities for Hispanic students-

AXA Achievement Community Scholarships- $1.3 million worth of scholarships for seniors with proven academic achievements, community service, and leadership abilities.  Go to to apply by Dec 15, and they will only accept the first 10,000 applications.

FFA Scholarships- one app for many scholarships, go to to apply online from Nov 15 until due date of Feb 1, 2016.

Burger King Scholars Program- up to $50,000 in scholarships for seniors, application window is October through December 

Ronald Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program- 20 scholarships for $10,000 and renewable for up to $40,000 for seniors with exemplary leadership, drive, integrity, and citizenship.  Apply online Oct 12-Jan  at

The Ronald McDonald House Charities U.S. Scholarship Program- Visit for more information or apply today at Application deadline is January 18, 2017.

National Beta Club Scholarship- National Beta will award over $300,000 in scholarships with awards ranging from $1,000-$15,000 to outstanding 12th grade Beta members. Applications open November 1, 2016 and close January 26, 2017. A step-by-step guide to applying for National Beta Scholarships can be found at Click Apply Now for details.        

Ozarka “Every Drop Counts” Earth Science Scholarship. This Scholarship is intended for students pursuing degrees at a four-year college or university in the field of earth/environmental science. Ex of earth/environmental science include but are not limited to: Geology, Hydrogeology, Environmental Science, Environmental Law, Environmental Education, Forestry, Oceanography, and Ecology. Applications are available in the Counselor’s Office. Application deadline is May 26, 2017.